Because they are unique in comparison to traditional health care disciplines, it is important to understand the three stages of chiropractic care. By addressing physiological and biomechanical aspects of the body, the process of correcting issues without drugs or surgery can involve more time. However, it will produce safer and more effective long-term results. Some conditions can be treated over a few visits while other, more serious conditions may take longer.

Stage One: Relief Care

This objective of this phase of care is to reduce or eliminate discomfort and stabilize your condition in the shortest span of time. Typically, in this stage we are able to provide rapid results.

The frequency of visits to Vibrant Health & Wellness Center will vary during this phase of care and is dependent upon your specific condition. If you do not respond to chiropractic care you may be referred to another health care provider.

Stage Two: Rehabilitative Care

Once your condition is stabilized you enter the second stage of care. Its objective is to correct the cause of discomfort, strengthen muscles, and improve your neuromusculoskeletal function. Exercise and modification of daily habits may be part of your care program.

Since many conditions we treat develop over the course of years, correcting them involves a rehabilitative process that will take time as well. Subsiding discomfort, however, does not mean your body has been restored to good health. Therefore it is important to continue care until muscles and soft tissue are fully healed, allowing for long-term wellness.

Stage Three: Wellness Care

Graduating to this final stage means your body is now in a position to enter the maintenance and prevention modes of care. We can help you maintain your improved health and encourage normal spinal function while preventing the return of your original condition and catching new problems in the process.

Now that you have attained this level of health, you’ll find it’s worth the time and effort to maintain it! We’ll help you design a Personal Wellness Care Program for your specific needs, incorporating good nutrition and exercise into your daily life. Congratulate yourself on achieving your ultimate goal: optimal health, naturally!