Dr. Christie's experience and training allow her to offer a variety of treatment options so your nervous system is freely communicating to the rest of the body and your spine is in alignemnt. Incorporating the Activator Method, Pettibon, Thompson methods and physiotherapy, pain relief and healing can occur naturally.

We Look at the Big Picture

Vibrant health & Wellness Center provides consultation regarding your health history, reviews your history, and conducts a full, confidential physical examination. If necessary, we may recommend x-rays — we have our own on-site radiology facility — or analysis at a nearby certified laboratory.

We don’t stop there. Unlike other providers, Dr. Christie will carefully analyze your structure, paying special attention to your spinal column. This information, along with analysis of your lifestyle, diet, stress factors, etc. serves as the basis for the diagnosis of your particular health issues.

Chiropractors seek the origin of your health problems and provide treatment that will eliminate them — not simply cover the symptoms.
Pain killers may mask the pain you’ve been experiencing from migraine headaches, but realignment of the vertebra can relieve pain and prevent future painful re-occurrences.

We Help You Fix the Problem

The technical term for these debilitating misalignments is subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the bones that protect your spinal cord — resulting in a ‘kink’ in the complex wiring of your nervous system. The severity of subluxation varies, and the causes for it can be traced to issues like birth trauma, auto accidents or simple overuse. Emotional or chemical factors may also contribute to the severity of the subluxation. Chiropractors correct or ‘adjust’ the misaligned bone, returning it to its proper position, thereby enabling the body to restore itself. With the removal of the ‘kink’ in the nervous system, information from the brain and spinal cord can once again flow freely throughout the entire peripheral system.

While occasional adjustments, massage therapy and physiotherapy will help avoid reoccurring kinks in your nervous system, Dr. Christie views long-term wellness as a doctor-patient arrangement. You will play an active role in your own care through stretching and strengthening exercises, good nutrition and intentional lifestyle changes. Achieving and enjoying optimal health will change your life—and it will cause you to do all you can to retain it!