Athletes have special needs and Dr. Christie understands the specific nature and requirements needed to help you perform optimally—no matter if you are an Olympian, professional, collegiate, youth, or even the esteemed “weekend warrior”!  Whether it’s during the season or in the off-season, Chiropractic care is becoming the competitive advantage that many athletes are now seeking.

World class athletes seek Chiropractic care because it is a drug-free way to better health and performance.  This is of particular importance to athletes who are banned for using even common over-the-counter medications to treat injuries.  With Chiropractic’s emphasis on optimum nervous system function and joint mechanics, Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper alignment and function to the spinal joints, thereby restoring the normal nerve transmission and healing potential to the vital structures of the body. In other words…Chiropractic adjustments ensure that the body functions as efficiently as possible because when your body is in better alignment, your nervous system is finely tuned, and all piston’s are firing!!!!!  This leads to better performance, fewer injuries and quicker recovery.

Many sports injuries benefit from Chiropractic Care. They range from the common ankle sprains, strains (eg. pulled muscles), tendinitis (ex. Tennis elbow) and bursitis (ex. Shoulder pain) to joint problems in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot, lower back…And MUCH MUCH MORE!  More importantly, not only can chiropractic effectively treat these injuries, it can help to prevent them in the first place!

Many of the greatest athletes in the world are adjusted before competition as a “tune-up” in an effort to place their bodies in a state of peak efficiency.  Following competition, they are adjusted to enhance the recuperative process after the stress of their particular event. Yet, as mentioned earlier, whether you are a 10 year old playing little league baseball or a senior playing still playing your favorite game, you want to do your best. Using chiropractic, gait analysis, therapeutic exercise, massage, and nutritional support, Dr. Christie can help you stay fit and active in those sports and activities you love!