I came to Dr. Christie with shoulder, neck and back problems related to years of pent up stress. Over the past months my adjustments have helped me tremendously. Equally as important she has challenged me to a lifestyle change, which encompasses time management, stress management, regular exercise and better nutrition. She has helped my spine and body to heal but also my total outlook on life has changed!    Paulette

I had back and neck pain that worsened after an accident. My pain went away after only a couple of weeks of treatment but I have continued chiropractic care because Dr. Christie has educated me about the impact my spine has on my entire body. I have been healthier both physically and emotionally than ever before. Dr. Christie is dedicated to helping her patients in all areas, including education about diet and exercise. I plan to continue with chiropractic care for the rest of my life.    Danielle

I am a full-time mother, wife, and part-time massage therapist. I have suffered from chronic pain for as long as I can remember. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I, like most who suffer with these conditions, have seen numerous doctors only to repeatedly leave the office with prescriptions for pills to mask the pain.  Dr. Christie Was different. I did not get a prescription but a real person that had real interest in helping me get well.  Since being under the care of Dr. Christie my life has changed dramatically. The constant pain is now a ‘sometimes’ pain and the range of motion in my neck is unbelievable. I had forgotten what it was like to turn my neck without pain. I went from always feeling pretty lousy to feeling pretty good! My wish is for everyone who is missing the beauty of life because of pain to be blessed with a doctor like Dr. Christie.    Kimber

I have been a patient of Dr. Christie Sonchar's since May 2005. I had been having pain in my right hip for many years and back pain as well. When Dr. Christie started treating me, the pain immediately subsided and I could feel my frame becoming stronger. I now see her about once a month and my pain is virtually non-existent.  Dr. Christie does not have an assembly line of patients whom she sees for five minutes and then they are out the door. She knows her patients well and she takes extremely good care of each individual.
 I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Christie for anyone who is experiencing pain and for overall maintenance of good health.    LaMonte

May I express my deepest gratitude for the ‘beyond ordinary’ care and compassion you gave me while I was visiting Colorado Springs. In the ten years I have received c hiropractic treatment your three weeks of care, while gentle and thorough and effective, was the most intense I have ever received. And you became my friend. Thank you.    Doris

I chose Dr. Christie because I could not receive the care I needed with a traditional medical doctor. Dr. Christie performed a thorough exam and not only explained my test results but also the central nervous system function. I have a much deeper understanding of what is going on with my body and how everything is connected. I continue to receive adjustments although my office visits have reduced significantly over the past couple months. My adjustments not only relieve pain, but also reduce stress. I appreciate the absence of unnecessary drugs and over the counter medication. I have more energy, endurance and strength to accommodate my active lifestyle. Dr. Christie has provided nutritional guidance as well as basic exercise techniques to assist with the healing process. Her dedication to each patient is unselfish and compassionate.    Pamela

I was never sure chiropractic care was a ‘real’ science. When I met Dr. Christie she had so much knowledge and passion about chiropractic care and how it can transform your body that I had to give it a ‘try’. It’s only been 2 months yet I feel my body is responding more than ever without medicine or surgery. She has such a great office and staff who care about you. When I missed an appointment due to a cold she called to see how I was and offer home remedies. My general doctor would never do that or care as much.    Dayna

When I decided to change chiropractors, I was in a lot of pain and I needed answers.  Dr. Christie was a warm and friendly face who is extremely professional, and accomplished.  She thirsts for knowledge; continually learning more and more about her profession.  She always takes time to answer my questions. She is interested in my nutrition, exercise, regular chiropractic care, and for my total health.  Because she is interested in a holistic approach to wellness, Dr. Christie teaches classes so her patients will learn the proper care needed for optimal health. Her #1 purpose for being a chiropractor is for everyone to have good health.   She believes that the power that created us is the power that can heal us.    Carole

After years of computer work the curve in my neck became reversed. I had been under chiropractic care for many years but Dr. Christie was the first chiropractor to ‘discover’ the problem! After 1 year of adjustments and care my x-rays showed significant improvement in a disc and the curvature of my neck. My overall health has improved greatly and I have learned how to make nutritional and lifestyle choices to reach my optimal health. Thank you Dr. Christie!    Laura

Because of my chiropractic adjustments this is the first Spring that I have not had a sinus infection or bronchitis in more than 12 years.    Anne

Dr. Christie is a gem - the model of interest and concern for her patient’s well being.    Mark